Great Big CRUNCH!

FoodShare’s Great Big Crunch invites students, teachers, educators and all good food enthusiasts to learn about healthy eating through the apple’s journey from seed, to harvest, to market, to table (and around again)!

The Great Big Crunch is a great way to get your students excited about Nutrition Month. Knowing they are a part of a cross-Canadian crunch adds even more ‘a-peel’. We hope our students come away from the experience with an enhanced interest and understanding of local produce, from seed to table.

Our participation will:

Promote and celebrate healthy snacking.

Highlight availability of locally grown apples all year ‘round.

Use apples as the centerpiece for activities on cooking and tasting, nutrition, soil and composting, sustainability, community development and more!

So on March 9th @ 2:30ish pm we’ll join together and thanks to the generosity of our supportive Catholic School Council, crunch on a delicious apple!