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Remembrance Day Liturgy

Today, students, staff and parents welcomed Trustee, Maria Iafrate, to St. Anne as we remembered, thanked and prayed for all those who have fought for our country at our Remembrance Day Liturgy.

With poppies over our hearts, we honoured those who have answered the call to serve. As a school community, we reflected on the actions of the brave individuals who fought to ... Continue reading "Remembrance Day Liturgy"


Here are a few updates:

Our Halloween fundraiser was a great success. It will support Technology, Literacy, Numeracy and other school related initiatives.  All proceeds from this fundraising event will benefit our students in many ways.  On behalf of the St. Anne Staff and students, we thank you for your generous support. More information will follow.

Second, there will ... Continue reading "Updates"

October is iWalk Month

October is iWalk Month. Please help us encourage our students to walk to school throughout October.  Here is some more information about supporting this school initiative.

Let’s get Walking 

Celebrate active modes of transportation like walking and wheeling along with other students and staff across Ontario during IWALK Month.  International Walk to School Month (IWALK) is an ... Continue reading "October is iWalk Month"